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Welcome to Coupals Primary Academy



As of January 1st, 2015 we are officially Coupals Primary Academy and part of the Samuel Ward Multi Academy Trust. We are very excited about our new future as an Academy and we are continuing to work hard to rapidly improve our school. We have a new web address which is in the process of being built (www.coupalsacademy.co.uk) but until then we will continue to update you through this website of all of the things going on in school. 




Coupals Primary Academy is a modern primary school in the growing town of Haverhill, Suffolk. Originally opening in June 1982 we expanded in 2011 to being a full primary for pupils from Reception to Year 6 (having begun as a first school catering for Reception to Year 4).
Our mission at Coupals is to educate children to the highest possible standard as well as developing them as individuals. We feel that no child should leave our school without the essential skills they need for the next steps in their education and lives. 
Our mission is underpinned by three core values which cover everything we do. These are:  
As a school these values prepare our pupils for a successful future and support children with the key skills and principles they need to be able to have a successful future. These 3 values incorporate everything that we do in school (from pupils to teachers to dinner ladies and office staff) and play a key role in leading improving standards across our school. 
Primary School is every child's beginning on a long journey of learning and we are aware of how important the teaching, nurturing, support and encouragement they receive in our school are. Our staff were highlighted in our recent OFSTED report for the positive care they have for the pupils of our school.
The introduction of a new National Curriculum this year has given us the chance to review the curriculum we provide our pupils and to ensure that it meets the needs of our children to progress in every step of their education. 
In addition to our new and exciting curriculum we also offer a range of extra curricular activities such as football, dodgeball and choir to gardening, maths club and cookery (as part of our monthly cafe run by our Year 5 pupils). 
Preparing our pupils to be global citizens is a key priority for us and we want to ensure they work in the world with tolerance, compassion and understanding of others. This is underpinned through our daily assemblies, PSHE lessons and across our entire curriculum. 
We look forward to a positive and successful relationship with you and your children. Should you ever have any questions, concerns or feedback (good or bad) please do not hesitate to come and speak with me in school. 
David Maguire 
Head of School


Classes for January 2015


Year Group Class Name Teacher
Fondation stage Rabbits Mrs Dolby (nee Barnard)
Year 1 Owls Mrs K Grant
Year 2 Hedgehogs Miss N Bailey
Year 3 Badgers Mrs L Floyd
Year 4 Fox Mrs S Keefe
Year 5 Kestrel Miss M O'Halloran
Year 5/6 Wallabies Miss C Goeldner
Year 6 Deers Mrs M Hughes & Mrs S Waters

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